My therapeutic practice is in Duncan, British Columbia.

With your acceptance and cooperation, I can assist you to transform your life.

In Person / Phone / Skype / Zoom

In our first appointment, you can share stumbling blocks / issues, a little history and background then we will move into session.

What do I do?

I live passionately in the moment, aiding and assisting others to thrive in vitality by (healing through their past experiences / pain) waking up their inherent gifts of the spirit. Recognizing their true self, connecting to their purpose and re-experiencing themselves from the depth of their soul.

What Modalities do I work with?

Self Regulation Therapy
Anat Baniel Method Practitioner – NeuroMovement
Life Coaching
Craniosacral Therapy
Visceral Manipulation
Remote Healing
Shamanic Medicinal Healing                                                                                                             

These Modalities are used to assist and support these categories:                                            A. Mind  – memory loss, recurrent dreams or thoughts, autism
developmental, PTSD, behavioral issues.                                                                                            B. Emotional  – Anxious , depressed, fearful, nervous, doubtful                                               C. Body  – Physical injury, car accidents, high impact, falls, chronic pain                               D. Spiritual  – Connectivity, awareness, deeper understanding                                               E. Energetic  – Life purpose, passion, direction

How do I do it?

I work from an intuitive connected place, employing different modalities which activate profound transformational shifts in consciousness and self body awareness. The change / shift happens inside of you, from you. The wisdom appears from within.


In person appointments are paid at the time of the appointment.
Phone and Skype sessions are paid in advance of the booking.


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