“I found great results personally and with patients receiving treatment by Naomi.                I would highly recommend her services to any people who are looking for an alternative to the standard western medical approach to treating pain, long standing chronic patterns or conditions.                                                                                                                                     Anyone that is ready for a life change would benefit by working with Naomi.”                       ~ Dr. Fuchs, MD ~ British Columbia


“Shortly after my mom passed away I had sessions with Naomi. At that time I was in deep emotional pain, guilt and grief. I felt I was not able to deal with it by myself anymore and needed help. Naomi helped me to process my grief and balance my feelings. She helped me to face and deal with the situation instead of running away from it and carry those heavy and sad emotions buried deep inside. She created a safe environment and with her profound presence I was able to face the reality and process my inner feelings and emotions. She is a very powerful healer and I have great appreciation and respect for her.”  ~ Darya T.~ California


“I had gone to see western medical Dr.’s, with both private a public practices for 20 years, looking for help with my memory loss, anxiety and subsequent challenges. No one was able to help me. In five sessions, Naomi assisted to completely reverse my symptoms and subsequently changed my life.”                                                                                                           ~ Christopher K. ~ British Columbia


“Everyone needs to go see Naomi. We all have things we have been challenged by, internalized, built up over many years. Naomi has an innate ability to get to the heart of the matter and help you to move beyond it.”                                                                                      ~ George W. ~ British Columbia


“I met Naomi at a very dark and challenging time for me and will be forever grateful to her. I would highly recommend all people in life to sit down and have a session with Naomi, she will forever change your life for the better.”
~ Jean M. ~ Saskatchewan


“In her work as practitioner, facilitator and healer Naomi adds an invaluable dimension to the scene. I experienced Naomi’s integrity, loving concern and presence to be thus comforting and inviting that she inspired me in a gentle way to search for and to express my deepest self. This was a wonderful, gentle breakthrough for me, for which I am truly grateful.”
~ Bernhard Holtrop ~ Netherlands


“Naomi has a gift to be able to ‘see’ you. I had seen so many medical professionals and no one could help me. They had all written me off as unhelpable. In our first session, Naomi identified my challenges.”                                                                                                                    ~ Mary L. ~ Saskatchewan

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