I have dedicated my life to assisting others achieve their fullest potential and experience unlimited possibilities.

I am deeply passionate and driven about assisting people to see and experience themselves at a divine level within their being.

Why do I do this work?

I do this work because I feel we can all be living a more fulfilled life.

I have a passion for helping people.

I love to see suffering transformed into pure light and truth. If we all experience our true nature and live as we are meant to, in harmony with ourselves, each other, the earth and its creator, we could be in a complete state of peace, love, unity and compassion.

Who do I do this for?

I work with anyone who is in pain, suffering, feeling lost, alone or disconnected…     Anyone who wants more from their life, wants to move out of stuck patterns and behaviors, anyone who wants to grow.

What makes me unique?

I am unique from others because I have gifts to see, experience and know what many not know of themselves. I work in a creative intuitive process with clients helping their brain / body spirit connection to overcome all fears, obstacles and challenges.

I have the ability to see your true divine self by bringing awareness to your sacred gifts given only to you, to be of great purpose in the world and to activate them.                         “We are one in spirit.”

Who do I see?                                                                                                                         Who would benefit from this work?                                                                           What types of symptoms are helped and alleviated from working with me?

I am deeply passionate about working with people from all walks of life, from all different races, religions, cultures and ethnic backgrounds. I often work with people who are in some state of pain or discomfort, whether it be chronic or sporadic. This pain can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. People who suffer from memory loss, anxiety, or depression can be spurred on by fear and overwhelm, but it often stems from a much deeper need to feel whole, connected and safe. This deeper need of connection and safety needs to first be established within one’s self before feeling and experiencing it in the outer world. All too often, we have these extreme human experiences the feeling of being lost, disconnected, alone or far, far from from home… My gifts and abilities are unique to reflect the true qualities and gifts within your soul, to move you into regulation and balance within your body, mind and spirit, to allow one to feel whole and alive and yet a part of all of creation.

Why should you work with me?

You should work with me if you want to experience change and transformation. If everything else you have tried has not worked, if you feel stuck lost or lonely…                       I can help you to feel inspired, to feel hope and most of all, I will help you to be you in all your majesty. To be all that you are.



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