“I am into changing lives.” ~ Naomi Kunert ~

Neurosomatic Reconnection Therapy

Are you experiencing…
Anxiety, symptoms of autism, memory loss, depression, pain, recurrent dreams or thoughts, PTSD, developmental, behavioural issues?

Have you had traumatic experiences in the areas of…                                                 Motor vehicle accidents, falls, medical or dental procedures, labor and delivery, a physical attack, sexual assault, loss of a loved one..?

Have you lost track of your…                                                                                                    Life Purpose, passion, direction?

All too often, we have these extreme human experiences which can block our view or perception of deeper inherent truths that are carried in the depths of our soul..

All too often, we experience the feeling of being lost, disconnected, alone or far, far from home…

Are you ready to transform your life?

I work in a gentle, cooperative manner which helps you realize and understand what is challenging you. I cannot change you, however I can gently guide you through the process of changing yourself.

I invite you to explore with me your own body’s innate wisdom to heal and transform suffering and restore health, balance and well being. I practice several healing modalities with my clients that are powerful, effective and life changing.

Over the years I have combined several healing modalities which have resonated with my intuitive ability to sense who my clients are.

My gifts and abilities are unique to reflect the true qualities and gifts within your soul, to help you to move into regulation and balance within your body, mind and spirit, to allow you to feel whole and alive and yet a part of all of creation.

I invite you to experience private sessions in person at my private practice in Duncan, or work with me via Phone, Zoom or Skype.

Your Wellness Advocate for True Transformation & Reconnection,
Naomi Kunert

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